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To Be Honest, I Felt Very Breakable...

It was an unexpected email from a friend a few weeks ago that turned into a phone call, and now this.

A book about resilience that is already (within the first days) climbing up the Best Sellers list.

I was honored to be asked to contribute.

I was tickled that she went out of her way to track me down off of social media to connect with me.

But what did I have to share about resilience in 2020? It feels like the year that broke me. I felt anything but resilient.

So I said yes anyway and then I sat with it.

A late evening conversation with one of my dearest friends and after I unloaded the truth of what I've endured over the past few months a friend who LITERALLY helped me see the light said "My God you're strong. Anyone else would have jumped through a window by now."

I had to redefine what the word resilience meant.

I've decided it doesn't mean we show up in full armour ready for battle every single day.

It means that in spite of the fight, regardless of how many times we get knocked down, or how long we stay down after each hit, we are determined to rise again.

And we do.

Sometimes resilience means knowing when to retreat and refuel.

Sometimes resilience looks a lot like kneeling on the kitchen floor begging through tears for mercy and then standing up and making supper like we haven't missed a beat.

Sometimes resilience means that we focus more on our blessings than the tsunami of worry that is ready at any point to sweep us away.

I decided that what I contributed to this combination of stories (from ladies that I'm fangirling about!) that I was determined to focus on the blessings within the hardest months I've lived through.

Because there is always something to be thankful for, always.

And remembering to stop and notice the silver lining will give you strength to endure just about anything.

This book, this amazing collection of women will remind you of your own inner strength and unbreakable-ness.

And it was compiled by one of the strongest ladies I've ever met.

I truly hope you order a copy. The proceeds go to help other women go back to school, to give them hope, and another chance to contribute to the light and purpose and communities in Nova Scotia.

It's been a tough year of uncertainty, I get it.

What I also discovered is that I wasn't broken down like I first thought. I was broken open. And I know that I'll be okay. And I'll serve others in a way that makes them feel seen and validated and okay too.

Everytime I find myself getting into a funk lately I remember that I'm a Lolli to a curious bright-eyed 2 year old girl. And I have a million things to explore with her and teach her and I can't do it right if I spend too much time feeling anything less than unbreakable.

Love Always,




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