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Have you been waiting for me to offer readings again?

Lately I’ve been working on a solution to offer readings that will me allow me to work around my schedule and responsibilities while still getting your insight delivered as quickly as possible.

Initially I cleared out a space in my home where I can offer face-to-face readings but the timing feels “off" right now. Maybe it’s our current reality of social distancing and mask-wearing, or maybe it’s because winter creates the perfect season for a quieter and less busy home.

I considered phone or video, and neither seemed fitting.

Recently, during meditation, I felt clarity with the idea that I can still show up for you without constraint if I email your readings for you.

It takes more time on my end to type out a full reading but it also opens up more availability for me too. No worrying about weather, or traveling, or different locations or time zones.

You don’t have to schedule an appointment and fit it in to your calendar. We don’t have to go back and forth with available times. You just tell me what you need and I’ll email it as soon as it’s ready.

I am currently offering three different types of readings. You decide which guidance you need most, email me to get in queue and I’ll get back to you with a full typed reading that you may keep for future reference instead of trying to remember what I said.


Using a specific spread I’ll offer insight into the next 6 to 12 month period.

We'll see what obstacles may come up, how best to resolves challenges as well as how to access the resources you need for things to run smoother for you.

We'll have a look at your next right steps for your highest potential and also uncover any self-imposed limitations that you may need to overcome.

The cost for this reading is $55

To book a Tarot Reading you can email me at we will arrange payment and once received I will let you know how many hours until you should have your completed reading.

Soul's Journey Reading

By accessing the Akashic Records on your behalf I am able to answer your biggest burning questions.

Why do you attract what you do?

How can you know what your Highest Self is here to accomplish?

What lessons are you meant to learn from your relationships?

What is your potential?

Who were you in past lives?

How do you align yourself with your higher purpose?

The insight you’ll gain with a Soul's Journey Reading is only limited by what you ask and what you are willing to receive in return.

In order to gain access to your Akashic Records (which is like a virtual library of your souls history) I need your legal name and birthdate. Ask me up to 6 questions (open-ended questions because yes or no answers will make for a very short reading).

Please include that in your email to me at

You information will be deleted as soon as your reading is complete.

The cost of a Soul's Journey Reading is $120.

When I receive payment I will let you know how many hours until you should expect your full Soul's Journey Reading.

Animal Communication

It was completely by accident that I discovered I had the ability to communicate with animals. The first time it happened was while I was doing reiki on one of our horses. It felt like I was hearing thoughts that weren’t my own. I thought I was losing my mind.

I was skeptical about what was actually happening and didn’t share knowledge of this gift for quite some time. Not until I figured out exactly how to fine-tune this ability.

It’s quite fun to hear thoughts and insights from our furry and feathered friends. The most surprising part for me was how spiritual they are, they live solely in the moment and without the hardened and strongly developed egos that we get with other humans.

At one point, after we unexpectedly and suddenly lost our matriarch mare at the farm, my ability to communicate with animals was gone. I was in deep grief and went through a lot of inner work and healing before I was once again able to communicate with animals.

In order to offer this communication to you I need a few things. First a picture of your pet, with both eyes. I’ll need the animal’s name, gender and birthdate (or as close as you can estimate) and finally up to six questions or statements you would like to talk to them about.

The cost of an Animal Communication Reading is $120.

Emergency Lost Pet Communication

There are times when your pet goes missing and time is of the essence in gaining any helpful information that leads to their recovery.

A frightened or flighty animal is not always open to communication, sometimes they resort to primal instincts and may not feel safe enough to allow any type of communication.

But I will do what I can.

I am not attaching a cost to this service as it goes against my values to exploit a vulnerable position.

If you currently have a missing pet and would like help in locating them, please email me with a photo, name, age, gender and the last place your pet was seen. I typically reference maps if I’m unfamiliar with the location to help identify landmarks that coincide with what your pet may see.

It’s important that the email headline specifically says Emergency Lost Pet so that I can prioritize it. Reach me at

I’m happy to be able to offer you guidance through multiple types of readings in a way that is fast and insightful.

I’m also looking forward to the days that we will once again meet face to face for some good conversation.

With love,




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