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I love reading tarot cards. They give insight and clarity into situations that need your attention, but yet ultimately leave fate within your hands.

Everything that I read has it's own timely and important message (usually within a 3-6 month time-frame), and can be taken as passively or seriously as you want. Nothing is written in stone, and it should be viewed as an intuitive tool for self reflection, more for entertainment than professional advice.

That being said, I do consider myself a professional, and I treat each client's readings as private and confidential.  I am your trusted and ethical resource for reading your cards, whatever comes to the surface during our reading together stays within our professional relationship.  You may, however, choose to disclose any and all of our discussions, record them, and share them at your discretion, or even have a friend with you to takes notes if you wish.  But nobody will hear about your reading from me.

Be prepared to get emotional.  Messages that cause you to pause and reflect can easily stir up feelings that you typically keep hidden.  Tears are completely normal (and often expected), as is feeling a bit off-balance as you begin to admit some powerful truths to yourself during your reading.  Relax, the relationship that I have with my cards is a positive one, and I am not going to give you horrible news that will cause you stress and anxiety, my deck just doesn't operate like that.  Expect to get validation, empowerment, and inspiration out of our reading together.

Reading tarot is a uniquely personal gift in intuition, storytelling, and guidance.  Sometimes I feel compelled to deliver a message that I can't specifically pinpoint to something in the cards in front of me, yet it turns out to be a profound statement during the reading.  I have the ability to decipher the exact information that you need to hear at that moment in time.  I don't claim to be psychic, if you tested me with those little squiggles and stars and hearts on cards, I would fail every time, yet I have a gift in reading cards that isn't magic or make-believe, or psychic ability, it just is...

You set the expectation and intention for your reading.  I can give you an in depth reading that covers all the main points in your life, or you can choose to focus in on your relationships, or finances, or health, or business, or any specific questions that you may have.  Sometimes you may ask one thing, but the cards want to clarify something entirely different for you.  These things happen, it just means that you have more pressing issues to address than what you are asking about.

So how can you get a reading?


Readings are currently being offered by email.

A full reading can cover all main points and answer clarifying questions in 30 minutes.

A reading is $55. I can accept etransfer or paypal for your reading.

Once payment is confirmed you will hear back from me with the time to expect your reading. It is typically within 24-48 hours.

I can occasionally accommodate larger groups, please contact me for scheduling and pricing.

I want you to read your Tarot report feeling empowered and ready to move in a more positive direction.

The work doesn't end when the cards are read, that is just the beginning. It's then up to you to use your new clarity to formulate a plan for your next steps.

Tarot is simply a tool that you can access to bring self-assessment to your current situation.

You take the information you are given and decide where you want to focus your energy, and how you want to proceed.

The results are always up to you.

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