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Take The Reins

Empowered thoughts on refusing to settle, seizing opportunity, and overcoming your critical inner voice

Are you torn between wanting more out of your life, yet hesitant to risk what you already have for the unknown?

Do you have a history of self sabotaging your results once you get outside of your comfort zone?

You are finally ready to make a deal with yourself that you will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, in order to succeed.

Are you ready to:

• Stop sacrificing your goals for the constant unproductive demands on your time and energy?

• Quit settling for less than you deserve?

• Be open to opportunities as they show up in your life?

• Refuse to allow self doubt to talk you out of following your dreams?

Take The Reins is a daily dose of exclusive coaching that will motivate and discipline you to push yourself beyond your imagined limits. It is a guidebook of 365 uplifting and thought provoking messages to start each day in a productive mindset.

Written in language that will uplift your spirit, speak to your soul, and create positive momentum, Take The Reins is a book for exposing the unquestionable authority within you.

Take The Reins will be available for purchase on Amazon

in December 2016.

For a signed November early release copy please use the PayPal link below, or contact me for payment through etransfer.

Early Release books are $20.  

Shipping to a Canadian address is $3, and a US address is $6.

Please remember to leave your Amazon review once you finish reading!

Angela Mercer Penny went from being a small town girl with big dreams to an award winning entrepreneur, best selling author and relentless happiness-seeker.

After being anchored to wearisome responsibilities that were quickly killing her spirit, she began to pursue a more meaningful life of writing, saving animals, and encouraging others to fearlessly follow their heart.

Angela lives in Nova Scotia with her ever-growing two and four legged family.

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