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Let's get  away...

this is where the stress ends and the recharging begins.


Imagine an entire weekend without the busyness of your everyday life.  You can relax and have the time to get reconnected with yourself and your goals.


You share comraderie with other strong women who are in need of some downtime, and find that balance within yourself to move forward.


Join us on a women's weekend retreat and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Are you interested in an upcoming retreat?


Please contact me, and I will email you when the dates are set.




Benefits of a   


*break from routine

*connect with other like-minded people

*recharge your batteries

*pamper yourself

*relax and unwind

*get out of your head

*break the monotony

*withdrawl from stress

*find a shift in perspective

*reconnect with yourself and your goals

*rejuvenate mind, body and spirit

*create positive feelings

*trust your intuition

*new experiences

*finding fulfillment in your life

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