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 Learn to thrive with less stress.


1 Day Impatient Exclusive—Fast track your learning in a one day, 4-hour, one-on-one down and dirty session.  This is intense.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  It is for you to soak in all of the knowledge, techniques, and strategies immediately and leave with a plan of attack for straightening out your priorities and your immediate needs.  It’s heavy, but the hardest work begins for you once the session is completed.  You will walk away knowing exactly how to implement the changes and boundaries in your life so that you can reduce your risk of burnout. We will have 2 follow-up accountability calls to make sure that you are able to stay on track. Request more information.

30 Day Accelerated Program—This one month concentrated program has no time for excuses.  There are step-by-step procedures that are designed unique to your own needs.  We will chat weekly on the phone and through email.  There are homework projects and daily rituals that will significantly increase the likelihood of modifying your old habits into new successes. Request more information.

90 Day Rapid Results—You will commit to 3 months of continuous learning, taking a little time to adjust as you introduce new patterns into your already hectic schedule. Through 90 days together we will combat your immediate needs, and also work toward developing strategies for facing new obstacles as they crop up for you.  This program is a little better suited to those of you who need results now, but also require the added support to ensure that you stay dedicated to your personal development. There are homework requirements and daily rituals to adopt. We connect twice a week by email, and 4 times a month by phone. Request more information. 

Farm Retreat-Spending the day in nature at my farmstead learning mindfulness from one of the world's greatest teachers, the horse. Many of our horses came from stressful and desperate situations, but have still managed to live each moment with grace and purpose. In studying their calm demeanor, we will connect fully to the present moment, and take those lessons with us. We will finish the day creating a beautiful keepsake piece of art that you will be proud to hang in your home.  Farm retreats happen a few times a year, and there is limited availability.  Please expect a wait list.  Request more information.

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