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  • In North America, over 1 million employees miss work every day because of stress related issues.

  • It is estimated that psychological stress adds an additional $600 per worker/per year cost to the employer due to disrupted operations.

  • 60% of workplace absenteeism is due to stress.

  • 77% of employees regularly experience stress related pain, such as headaches, back pain, and neck/shoulder strain.

  • 50% of employees have trouble sleeping due to stress.

  • 87% of employed people have admitted that stress has caused them to emotionally disconnect from their work, making them less productive.

  • Mistakes, missed deadlines, tardiness, interpersonal conflicts, and lack of focus can all be attributed to high stress on the job.

How does your organization manage stress?

Did you know:

Can your organization afford the cost of stressed/unfocused/disconnected people?

What if you had a way to proactively keep your employees productive, happy, and better equipped to deal with stress?

Are you open to an improvement in operations, engagement and your bottom line?

Dealing with stress in life and on the job can have negative impacts on an employee's productivity and confidence levels, making them less apt to invest themselves fully in the desired outcomes of a project.

Stress is inevitable, there are deadlines, emergencies, unforeseen issues, and relationships that all contribute the weight that employees personally carry within your organization.

The goal is not that we remove stress, it's still bound to happen, the objective is that we create and foster physical and mental strength in the team so that we all become better prepared to deal with stressful situations in a way that no longer leaves us vulnerable to the negative effects.

Resiliency Workshop-Through self examinations, your team will have a safe place to feel heard while we discuss the role that stress plays in their lives.

Moving on we will work through ideas and activities that will give immediate benefits to managing stress levels.  Each team member will have a plan of action and resources to use right away that will decrease their risk of feeling overwhelmed in the future.

We work on everything from diet and exercise, to time management, and a mindful approach for tackling their responsibilities. This is a balanced guide that will incorporate their whole lives, not just the time spent at work.

As an added bonus, the management team will also get further training that will not only give additional tools for their roles, but also address methods to support their team in a leadership role.

To book Angela as a workshop facilitator for your organization, or to have her speak at your next event, please call 902.549.1789 or email.

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