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How can I help you reach your goals?

One hour, one time.  $250


For those of you who have a specific issue, and need instant clarity, this coaching session is for you.

We get to the heart of the matter, dive right in to solution-based thinking, and formulate an instant and manageable game plan for you.

No nonsense.  Just answers.





Impatient Abundance.  $1250



You want big results, fast?  And you aren't afraid of hard work?  This session is for you.  This is a heavy-handed, half a day (4 hours) coaching program.

Together we discover what you need, what is holding you back, and how to propel yourself forward, starting today.

This session of in-depth, digging deep discoveries will give you the insight to get moving.

This coaching session is made specifically for you who are impatient, busy, and motivated, who aren't afraid to work, once you are clear on your direction.







3 months. 1 on 1.  $1500 (or $650/month for 3 months).



For those of you with patience in the discovery process, 3 months is a perfectly suited timeframe to readust your sails, and let your heart and mind connect to your life shifting in exciting and meaningful ways.


You and I connect for a personal coaching session bi-weekly, and email coaching weekly for continued support and accountability.



















What is a Life Coach?


Let me begin by clarifying what a life coach is not.  A coach is not a therapist, a doctor, a counsellor or psychiatrist.  


A life coach is an expert in helping you to refine, plan and acheive your personal goals in a faster and less stressful period of time, than attempting to do it on your own. A coach will help you discover, uncover, clarify and define goals that result in positive change.



How can a Life Coach help me?


A life coach is a professional resource for talented and creative people, who are motivated, ready, and determined to grow in certain aspects of their life.  

A coach will work with you in determining what your goals are, how to manage your own resistance to change, how to measure your successes, and how to combat the limiting beliefs and fears that keep you from moving forward.


Unlike counselling, a Life Coach doesn't present you with the perfect answer, but rather, works with you to figure out the path of least resistance for you. Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself. The answers to your problems are already within you, I will give you permission and freedom to hear yourself think.



How do I know if coaching is right for me?


Do you feel like you are up against challenges, and even though you are rational, logical, and willing to move on, you are feeling stuck in transition?  


Do you feel like you've considered all different angles to your problem, yet you still don't have a solution?


Do you feel like this area of your life is holding you back, or feel like you are stuck in limbo?


You need some clarity, you need a Life Coach.




How do I know what Life Coach to work with?



I'd love the opportunity to talk with you about what I can offer, as well as a no-obligation, no cost, one-on-one coaching session.  That gives you the opportunity to see if we "click", and me the opportunity to see if we work well together, or I can refer you to a reputable colleague.


Just fill out the Coaching Registration below, and I will be in contact with a suitable appointment time.  I look forward to hearing from you.









Build your dreams, or someone will hire you to build theirs. - Farrah Gray

Just as Coke needs Pepsi, just as Audi needs BMW, we all need a bit of 'other' to define us. In order to know what we are, it helps wonderfully if you know what you are not. - Rory Sutherland

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