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Working with Horses

Date night

Remember exactly why you two fell in love.

Spend the night with horses, other couples, and each other.

A series of activities and challenges for building trust, communication, and most importantly-having fun!

This is a Date Night to remember.

Limited Space.

Upcoming Date Nights:

Friday July 28

Friday August 25

Friday September 22


$110/couple/Date Night

(no horse experience necessary-not a riding activity)


Being a Mother is the greatest blessing, yet also the greatest responsibility that you will ever have as a woman.

It's normal to feel like you've lost your own identity while nurturing and empowering the lives of your children.

Are you wondering how to reconnect with you?

Let the wisdom of horses plug you into a power source to recharge, unplug, and get reacquainted with exactly who you are at your core.

Limited Space Available.

Upcoming dates:

Thursday August 3

Thursday August 24

Thursday September 7



(no horse experience necessary-not a riding activity)

How Your Energy Affects Your Income

Are you looking for ways to sell and serve from your heart?

Reach your financial goals yet come from a place of good energy?

This unique workshop with horses will teach you how to be quiet and listen to the needs of others, how to be a balanced leader, and let go of your need to control everything.

Learn how your own resistance is affecting your results. And discover how to easily unblock it with your energy.

Limited Space Available

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday August 8

Tuesday August 22

Tuesday September 12



(no horse experience necessary-not a riding activity)

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