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Are you looking for an engaging speaker for your next meeting or event?


Angela Penny is a fun and witty speaker who can captivate your audience with honest, inspiring, relevant, and often hilarious real-life stories.


Choose from the topics below, or work with her to deliver a custom-made message for your target group.
































Confessions of a Counterfeit Cowgirl-Lessons In How To Fake It Til You Make It


Confidence is not a magical force meant to elude you, it is a tangible grasp on reality, a skill that can be learned by doing.  Don't let the fear of the unknown keep you from moving forward.  Put those butterflies to bed, and learn how to project boldness, even when you are scared to death.








Why Enough Is Not Enough-And Other Bad Words You Need To Stop Saying Today


Our vocabulary is filled with words that subliminally affect our success.  Learn what these everyday words are, how they keep us stuck, and how we can reprogram our conversations to attract better results.







Why I Want You To Fail-And Why You Should Risk It All Again


Your greatest failure is always the strongest steppingstone for success.  Failure isn't wrong, it's very, very right. In embracing the lessons that failure teaches us, we gain irreplaceable experience.  Learn how to bounce back after a stumble, staying within your strength range but outside of your comfort zone.







What Keeps You Motivated?-How To Stay On Track When Life Is Pushing You Around


Every person is wired a little differently, and even though we can start out working on a new goal full of energy, if we don't know what motivates us, we can find outselves running out of the energy it takes to stay inspired.

Learn what motivates you, how to keep yourself focused, and how to get the results you want.




Please contact Angela directly for booking speaking engagements.








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