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Attract Engage Convert

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

Dear Trying-To-Figure-This-Online-Marketing-Stuff-Out Friend,

Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to attract new leads, how to engage the ones you have, and how to sell online?

Welcome.  You and I are going to be best friends soon!

I am going to hold your hand and walk you through SIMPLE step-by-step strategies to make your time online fun AND profitable.

The rules of marketing online have changed, and you might realize that when you can't seem to get anyone new to like your page, or people aren't seeing your posts, or you send out some love and all you hear is...crickets...

Relax, the rules may have changed, but, I am a student of the school of hard knocks. I am in the trenches with you every single day.  I have invested time, money, tears, and energy in finding the all ways that I can use online marketing to bring in revenue, new leads, fill events, and create relationships.

And for the first time EVER, I am teaching you this information.  Let my years of education bring you the systems, ideas, and strategies you need to make this online marketing stuff actually work for you.

Do any of these questions resonate with you?

How do I stand out from my competition?

Do I need a business page, a group, both, or what?

How do get more likes and followers?

Why do other people have so much more luck than I do?

Should I pay for ads?

How do I sell without being salesy?

What do I need to do offline to promote myself?

Should I schedule my posts?

Where do I find the time for this?

How do I make a viral post, and do I want to?

So...have you ever asked yourself any of those questions?

I know that you are smart, and given the time you will figure this out.

But, would you rather just take one week of Bootcamp and let me show you step-by-step?

I will show you, help you craft a unique strategy plan for your business, audit what you have been doing already, and in one week you will have an entire new understanding of how this whole mystery actually works.

Bootcamp is offered online in our own Private Facebook Group.  The environment is intimate, engaging, and the content is there and available for you to access when you have time.

There is no competition, even if someone is in the same business as you, by the time we finish with our first week of training, you will know exactly how to stand out from everyone else.

Class starts Thursday November 16.

Enrollment is open now.

If you register before Saturday November 11 at midnight AST the cost is $197.

After that, registration goes up to $247.

Registration closes Wednesday November 15 at noon AST.

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