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The Simplest Things Aren't Always The Easiest Tasks

I have a message laying on my heart today, and it often happens when someone (including myself) needs to hear it.


That's it.


Gosh it sounds so simple, doesn't it?

Whatever that weight is that you are holding, the one that causes your knees to buckle and your heart to race, just surrender.

But I know that's not easy. Not for a Type A, never give up, fight to the bitter end personality like mine.

And until just recently I thought that surrender meant that I had to raise the white flag and give up whatever crusade I was on.

Hear me out.

It's actually quite the opposite.

I've learned that in complete surrender you continue the action WITHOUT the worry or burden of what happens.

Surrender means that you take the ego out of the equation. You unlearn the belief that YOU are the only one holding it together. You trust that you already have all of the resources available.

You simply let go of the weight of worry.

I said simply, but it's not easy.

At any given moment it's possible that you feel torn in 1,000 different directions and thoughts and responsibilities.

What happens if you surrender?

It doesn't look like giving up.

It doesn't look like pulling the covers over your head.

It doesn't look like walking away.

Unless, of course, that is exactly what's needed.

Surrender means that you release yourself from the weight of believing it's all on you.

Surrender is right now, in this very moment KNOWING that all we can control is our thoughts, our breath, our actions and our reactions regardless of what chaos is swirling around us.


Practice letting go of imaginary and worrisome thoughts.

Practice trusting that you have ALWAYS been capable of finding your way through any obstacle thrown in your face.

Practice letting go of the energy you spend on things that you know are not your burdens.

Surrender is trusting that even if and when it doesn't go exactly how you think it needs to happen, it is still exactly how it was intended.

And if the storms come (and they will) you will still be okay.

Surrender looks a lot like letting go of the idea that we control a lot more than we actually do.

There is peace in taking those burdens off of your heart.

There is lightness and freedom in surrender.

And more than anything else, you deserve peace.

With love,



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