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Money Magnet MasterShift Class

May 2015 Edition


What if you could finally learn to attract the money you deserve? (And make it last forever)


What price do you actually pay for your relationship with money?


If you are tired of letting your lack of money ruin your life, keep reading....


*Does a lack of money prevent you from living your best life?


*Do you believe that other people know something about money that you don't?


*Does money flow out of your life faster than it flows in?


*Are you embarrassed about your finances?


*Do you ever make excuses about why you aren't taking part in something, when the truth is that you can't afford it?


*Do you lose sleep worrying about bills and money?


*Even when you acquire more money, do you still find yourself broke?


*Does money stress interfere with your enjoyment of activities?


*Do you ever feel like you work harder than some people, yet they still have more money?


*Do you believe that you have to have money, or come from money, in order to make more money?



I had these exact thoughts.  I was once a young single mother, and I believed the stereotypes that life was hard and I was destined to be broke forever.


There was never enough money for the necessities, there were always things that we had to go without. It's hard to have big dreams when you aren't sure where your next meal is coming from.

It's hard to plan next year, when you don't have next month's rent.


I was in survival mode.  Scraping by.

I thought my fate was to be forever broke.


I thought wrong.


So how did I go from below poverty-level, to an award winning business owner, multi-property owner with a rewarding career, living a passionate lifestyle?


I changed my thoughts.


And I want to teach this to you.


It's simple.  

Notice I didn't say easy?  

But honestly, it is a simple process.  A step-by-step month-long class to take you from broke to money-magnet.


If you are willing to get rid of the mindset that you are meant to have a hard life, if you are willing to work hard every single day for 31 days in a row, if you are willing to let go of all of the limiting thoughts that you believe about money...then I am about to take you on a beautiful journey. 



The Money MasterShift Class May 2015 Edition is an engaging and self-paced new look at the negative patterns and blocks that sub-consciously keep money from staying in your hands.  Together we get to the root of the patterns of self-sabotage and money-leaks in your life, we formulate a plan for making the money you deserve, and we change the way you see money from a source of stress to a means of freedom.



Let me help you get the answers for how to master your money thoughts, and shift your finances from broke to secure.


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  


This is a transformation of your beliefs about money, a shift in your perception, an allowance for you to finally see money for what it really is-an exchange of currency based on your own perceived value.



*Are you ready to shake the mindset that you are destined to be broke?


*Are you ready to see money as a positive thing, not as something to be feared?


*Are you curious about why The Law of Attraction has never worked for you (yet)?


*Are you ready to get paid what you are worth?


*Are you willing to invest 31 days in order to change your anxiety about money forever?



By committing to this 31 day May Money MasterShift Class you will get:


*2 one-on-one private coaching sessions to dig deep into the heart of what you really want, how to remove the blocks, and how to achieve your financial goals.


*2 private email coaching sessions to keep you on track and accountable.


*Access to a private Facebook group of like-minded class participants who are going through the process together.


*Understanding, confidentiality, solutions, and support.


*Daily Insightful Acivities that will make you think, challenge your limiting beliefs, and ultimately turn on your creativity.


*A new way of thinking about, spending, earning, and receiving money.


*The tools and guidance to attract money into your life.



The May Money MasterShift Class runs from May 1st to 31st, 2015.


-Private coaching sessions can be held in person (in my Sydney NS office), by telephone, or by Skype.  Together we will decide on a convenient uninterrupted time.


-Email coaching will be done at your leisure.


-Daily Insightful Activities will be posted on our private Facebook group.


-Cost of this program is an investment of 31 days of your committment, and $750 CAD, payable once registration is confirmed.  I accept PayPal (Canadian or International) or E-transfer (from Canadian Banks). 


-In order to best serve all participants, I can only accomodate 12 people for The May Money MasterShift Class.


Register Now



Stop letting money stress you.


Learn to attract what you need.


Let go of your excuses.


Embrace a new and healthy relationship with money.


Fill out the registration form now.






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