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You aren't getting what you want out of your life because somewhere between dreaming of the results you want and the work that it's going to take to achieve that, you allow the voice of doubt to overtake you.

Welcome to C-School

a 1 month deep-dive into examining your excuses, your fears, and ultimately reprogramming your brain to see that you are worthy and capable of building the self-assured confidence in yourself to get Whatever you want. 

Does any of this confidence stuff even apply to you?

Have you ever:

  • Told yourself "I'll do that as soon as I"...(lose weight, save money, finish school, get a new job)...etc?

  • Thought "I don't really want to be noticed, I'm content out of the spotlight"?

  • Believed that the "old you" would have no trouble with this.  But you're just not the same person anymore?

  • Put on a brave face and pretended that you weren't nervous so that others didn't see the real you?

  • Used drugs or alcohol to ease your awkwardness in a social atmosphere?

  • Watched opportunities come and go because you couldn't convince yourself to even attempt them?

  • Noticed that you get defensive or make excuses when you don't succeed?

  • Been stuck in indecisiveness, sometimes over the smallest choices?

  • Pretended that you didn't actually want to do something, when the truth was that you were too scared to try?

  • Felt like life was passing you by?

Did you say "yes" to anything above?

Okay, keep reading...

Did you say "yes" to anything above?

Okay, keep reading...

C-School is a Group Coaching Workshop that will boost your boldness, forever changing the way you look at yourself, and, perhaps the way you understand your role in the world.

Did you know it's common to have parts of your life where you feel completely confident, yet still have other parts where you are paralyzed with fear?

Maybe you'd have no trouble making a sale at work, but the thought of asking someone out on a date strikes terror into your heart.

Or maybe you are a social butterfly, a wonderful party host and a voice on every committee, yet you cannot seem to achieve the results in your business that you would love, or even start that dream business that you keep putting off.

Everything you dream about for your life is on the other side of the things you tell yourself are meant only for other people.  Isn't it about time that you had more trust in yourself?

The worst thing about confidence is that when you don't have it, it shrinks you into settling for a small life.

The best thing about confidence is that it is a skill that you can learn and practice, like a muscle that will get stronger with use.

Who can benefit from C-School?

Can you see yourself in any of these descriptions?

  • You have just gone through a personal loss that has changed your future plans and you are feeling unsure of yourself and what's coming next.

  • Would love to start a business but self-doubt keeps you from making that move.

  • You have a MLM or Network Marketing business and you are starting to believe that others on your team have something you don't, you are listening to your upline yet cannot achieve the results you aim for.

  • You feel like life is passing you by, and you're disappointed that you haven't seized the opportunities that came your way.

  • You are lonely, but afraid of opening yourself up and connecting with others.

  • You are doing okay, but frustrated that you feel like you are settling for less than you deserve.

  • You are missing passion and purpose in your life.

Still saying "yes" to anything above?

Okay, keep reading...

Here's what you get at C-School: 

  • 30 days of unlimited access to proven success coaching methods so that you don't ever feel like you have to figure this out alone.

  • Daily and weekly activities that will build the fundamentals of faith in yourself in all aspects of your life, so you can finally begin to create stronger relationships, make the money you deserve, increase your feelings of energy and health, and stop settling.

  • Accountability to a group of other like-minded and successful people who want you to succeed.

  • Freedom to carry out your learning online at the most convenient times for your schedule so that you don't need to sacrifice your social life or time with your family to achieve the confidence you desire.

What is the participation requirement of C-School?

*Access to a device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) and internet connection required*

  • Willingness to commit to 30 days of learning and testing new skills.

  • Engagement with other group members.

  • Openness in sharing your challenges and celebrations within the privacy of our group.

  • A financial investment of $197.

Seriously?  All of that for less than $200?  You'd have to be insane to pass up this opportunity...and we both know that you are tired of letting life pass you by, right?

Don't worry, if you choose not to register for this workshop, rest assured you'll go on living, laughing and loving like you always have.  And wouldn't that be a shame?

C-School Confidence 101

Delivered in an online format and real-time attendance is not required.  You get the work and assignments when your schedule allows.

Our next group will be starting soon.  I'd love to have you here.

Ready to register?  I keep the groups intimate, so to ensure your space, please fill out the registration form below.

Still have questions?  I understand, making a life change is pretty scary.  Please email me and ask whatever you need to know.

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