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Animal Communication and Reiki

Have you ever wondered what your pet would say if they could talk to you?

What would you ask if you had a chance to speak to them?

I have always made a life that revolved around animals, usually dragging home the strays, the injured, the broken and loving them back to health.

I am drawn to the quiet energy and behavior of all animals.  Spending time with them refuels me in a way that only other animal lovers will understand.

Quite by accident, during a distance reiki session with a pet, I discovered that I could actually "hear" their thoughts.  I tested it with all my other animals, with friend's pets, and then with stranger's animals, and consistently without fail I could "hear" what the animals wanted to communicate with their people.

Sometimes it was asking for a different food, sometimes it was the reason behind their behavioral issues, and sometimes it was permission to let them go.

Distance reiki is done by setting the intention with your pet, they can be anywhere, doing anything, and it is an exchange and balance of energy through me to them. It is non-intrusive, relaxing, and calming for your pet.

During our session together, if willing, your pet will open up to sending and receiving communication. You can let me know ahead of time what you would like me to say or ask, or we can just see what comes up.

All I need is a picture, a name and age and I can begin.

The communication comes through in a multitude of ways.  It could be intense feelings, telepathy, images, even smells. I can then take that information and tell it to you in a way that makes sense.


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