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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a complete history, present reality and future potential of everything that has ever existed.

Thoughts, memories, emotions, experiences and agreements are all compiled in these records. This is considered "the memory of nature", everything that has ever happened has left an imprint that has been recorded.

These records contain an impression of every living thing, being, object or creation in the material world since the beginning of Earth's history.

The Akashic Records exist on a vibrational plane, and when tuned into to the correct frequency one can gain access to the information and interpret the energy for the highest good.

What is a Soul's Journey Reading?

A Soul's Journey Reading is a glimpse into the infinite source of all recorded information through the Akashic Records to help make sense of a current situation.

What might it mean for you to have access to the infinite wisdom within the Records?  How would you feel to be reminded of your soul's journey here on Earth? Would you make different choices if you could access the bigger picture of your life?

Everyone has access to their own records at any point.  One must simply learn how to access and interpret them.  Permission can also be granted to access the records of another.  Without personal authorization the records will not be available.

During a reading any information requested will be available for viewing and interpreting.


A reading can offer guidance, insight, direction, comfort, healing and peace.

The records contain the deepest knowing and reconnection to your Soul Wisdom.

When your Soul chose to inhabit your human form in your current lifetime there were very specific lessons that it wanted to learn on the trek to enlightenment. Some of these lessons have already been completed, yet the agreement is still in place. You may experience this frustration if it feels like you keep having similar situations crop up for you over and over again. Would it bring you peace to untangle yourself from dis-empowering blocks and patterns?

As a human you may find yourself with specific questions that you feel would bring you peace if they were answered.

Why do I keep repeating these specific patterns?

Why can't I heal this relationship with my sister?

Will I ever find a partner?

Am I supposed to make this life change now?

How come I can't lose this weight?

How do I recover from this grief?

What is my purpose here?

An Akashic Record Reading can dive deep into the all-knowing answers of your soul.  It can help uncover any bonds or agreements that were made but no longer serve you and help release you from past obligations. You will understand why you have certain patterns, and how to break those ties. It is possible to decipher challenging circumstances so that you can be at peace. You can learn to see your relationships through the eyes of love, and find your purpose and life path. You can release the weight of your human suffering and focus on experiencing joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

An Akashic Record Reading will reveal to you the information that is most helpful to you at the time.

You may get insights to past lives where you can see how specific habits, traits, fears and memories originated.  You will feel peace at finally having a deeper understanding about where certain aspects of your personality began, and it will help in offering healing and direction for you now.

There is no judgement in the Akashic Records.  They simply are what they are.  The information that is revealed to you is given so that you may find a deeper level of joy, contentment and understanding in your life today.

What to expect during an Akashic Record Reading

When you are preparing for an Akashic Record Reading it is normal to feel a little bit nervous.  The information that you are about to obtain can have a big impact on the way that you perceive your reality.

Please keep in mind that the Records will reveal to you what is in the Highest Good of you and those who are connected to you.

You should have a clear intention for what you would like to know. Your curiosity is the beginning of what can be uncovered during your session. Your reading will clarify the bigger picture about your situation.

When I access the Akashic Records I do so with a short and sacred prayer.  I use the full legal name of the client I am reading for, and then I enter into a calm and relaxed meditative state. 

Once I have access to your Records I will ask you to tell me what led you to connect with me, and the more information you give, the better I will be able to hone in on exactly what I need to look for in the records.

Picture your entire existence, every thought, conversation and experience as if it were an ocean.  And all I need to do is find the one drop of water that will give you the best answers.  The more you can share, the easier I can find the place we need to start. There is no need to hold back here.

There will be a lot of information shared.  It could be past lives, energetic ties, or current bonds.  Keep in mind that there is no judgement while accessing the information in the Records and it is best if you can refrain from holding judgement about the information received or what you may have encountered in a past life.  Everything comes from a source of unconditional love, for your highest purpose and understanding.

Once the information has been pulled and the records are closed you will get a full emailed report of your questions answered.

Please send me up to 6 questions that are open-ended, your date of birth and full legal name.

The cost of a Soul's Journey Reading is $120. Once payment and your information is received, you will hear back from me on when you will expect your reading to be emailed.  Typically 24-48 hours.


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